Episode 3

Claiming your Soul Purpose Freedom with Kim Mellor


August 3rd, 2020

43 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

Step into your higher power, envision your perfect life, and let the Universe take over to guide you to your soul purpose! I'm joined by Kim Mellor to talk all about how surrendering control creates the type of freedom you've always desired.

About Guest

Kim is a model turned lifestyle entrepreneur, spiritual badass & self love junkie who’s serving thousands of women around the world! She’s here to help you master manifestation, crush your business goals and make a Quantum Leap into your next phase of spiritual growth, IMPACT and abundance.

Kim is here to remind you that if she can do it SO CAN YOU! A life filled with JOY, ABUNDANCE & FULFILMENT is waiting for you.

About Claiming your Soul Purpose Freedom

Kim knows what it's like to feel completely dissatisfied with your seemingly perfect life. Even when life looks perfect, for the person who's living it, it might not be the case. We also know how comparing ourselves to other people on these journeys isn't the best thing to do - It's why we both encourage you not to compare your step one to someone else's step ten! We all start somewhere.

For both of us, it was when we took steps into the unknown and let the Universe take control that life opened up for us. It's not easy, but when you embrace uncertainty and not knowing, incredible things start to happen.

Kim shares how she used to live life based on what other people told her to do, but she wasn't happy. It was only when she truly started thinking, who is Kim Mellor, diving deep into this question, and defining her core values that she started to know who she was. Now, she makes every decision in her life based on whether it aligns with her core values or not.

We talk about following your inner compass. Rarely will it steer you wrong when you listen and attune yourself to it and regardless of where it takes you on this crazy life journey, there's a reason for it. We all need to learn how to navigate life; if something isn't going the way we feel it should, take it as an opportunity to learn about what you actually don't want out of life.

Kim explains how she started to connect with her divine feminine being and where she gets her highest divine guidance from. Making these connections completely changed her perspective on life. When you start to embrace your divine calling, your perspective will change and you'll step into your higher vibration, too.

When you surrender control to the Universe, endless possibilities open up for you. Some of these might be options you never knew were possible for you! That is the true magic of this beautiful Universe we coexist in.

Finally, we talk about why you should redefine what success means to you! If success to you is narrow and all about achieving these huge results or 10k months - you might find that life is a little bit lacklustre for you. But when you change the goalposts and embrace the Universe, you'll start taking quantum leaps in your life.

How do feel successful everyday? Are you striving to reach that goal everyday? Let me know in the comments, lovely!

In This Episode

  • Don't compare your step one to someone else's step ten
  • Why you need to embrace the uncertain
  • What impact knowing your core values have on your life
  • How following your inner compass can show you exactly what you don't want so you can discover what you do want
  • Where you get your highest divine guidance from
  • How your perspectives change when you step into your divine feminine being
  • What happens when you surrender control to the Universe
  • Why you should redefine what success means to you
  • How you can start taking quantum leaps in your own life


"We are not our job description, we are not a title. We are who we are." (5:20)

"Am I either going to continue to let someone else dictate my worth or am I going to step into my power." (12:21)

"I don't want to be the number one person IN the world, I want to be the best person FOR the world. And there's a massive difference there." (23:47)

"This is the thing, right? If you try to control too much of the outcome, the Universe has nowhere to sprinkle its magic." (29:55)

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